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Most people do not appreciate the right to make a meritorious claim for personal injury. They “assume” it is there and always will be. Unfortunately, insurance companies and their lobbyists are attempting to severely curb, or in some instances eliminate, your right to seek justice. They call it “tort reform”. The basis of their argument is, “frivolous lawsuits are out of control driving up insurance premiums that everyone pays, so lets eliminate these types of cases”. It may sound like a good idea; unfortunately, the real goal is to curb ALL cases no matter how meritorious.

The attorneys at TSR Injury Law seek justice only for meritorious claims. We agree frivolous lawsuits should be eliminated, but not at the expense of good, hard-working people’s right to seek damages for real injuries. It is unfortunate that the lawmakers and insurance companies tend to “cap” the biggest cases when those are the people most hurt. The right to have a jury of your peers listen and make an educated judgment about your claim is truly at risk.

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