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Man Awarded over $1 Mil in Levaquin Lawsuit

The victory by a plaintiff in his Levaquin lawsuit against the manufacturer has brought about some very interesting details regarding the prescribing of the drug. John Schedin was awarded over $1 million by a jury after he had experienced two ruptured Achilles tendons days after he started taking Levaquin with a steroid. The doctor who […]

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Listeria Prompts Ricotta Cheese Recall

It is time to check the ricotta cheese in your refrigerator if you have yet to use it or already disposed of it because you heard about this latest recall. As of September 12, 14 people had been affected in 11 states and this includes three fatalities due to Listeria that has been linked to […]

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Minneapolis Injury Attorney

Personal injuries are no laughing matter. If your loved one has been injured then it can be impossible to watch them suffer. You may feel helpless, alone, frustrated and angry at what has happened and why. Speaking to someone who can navigate you through this injury and knows what to do next can help you […]

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