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If you have been in a truck accident your life may have changed forever. Flashbacks, nightmares, and a debilitating fear of driving can all be the result of a terrifying crash.Call TSR Injury Law today, we care and we’ll get to the bottom of the case to determine who is responsible for the crash.Our attorneys are experienced truck accident lawyers. We have the resources available to fight the big insurance firms and trucking companies on your behalf. Call us today free on 612-TSR-TIME or submit our free consultation form and we can get straight back to you to arrange a consultation. We will fight for justice in your case.

Commercial Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks are enormous vehicles with the potential to cause massive destruction. For this reason, truck drivers are require a special license to show they have the knowledge and skill required to operate such large and potentially dangerous machinery.Unfortunately, in addition to being well-trained, commercial truck drivers are also pressured to cover very large distances in the shortest time possible. The stress created by this pressure can affect their ability to drive responsibly, putting everyone on the road in danger.At TSR Injury Law, our Minnesota truck accident attorneys believe in standing up for the victims of negligence – both private vehicle drivers and commercial truck drivers.

Truck Accident Claims

We work on a variety of truck-related accident claims, including:

When a truck, semi, or 18-wheeler collides with a car or another object; at best, the people involved will only face large amounts of property damage. At worst, injuries sustained from a collision with a large truck can be disabling or fatal.

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