What Is a Wrongful Death Suit?

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What Is a Minnesota Wrongful Death Suit?

A wrongful death suit is filed by a close family member of the deceased — spouse, children, or parents. The suit is brought to court by a trustee the family has chosen to represent them and is usually a member of the family filing the wrongful death suit.In Minnesota, compensation in a wrongful death suit is limited to financial or emotional losses suffered by the surviving family members, which may include:

  • Monetary contributions the deceased would have made
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of assistance
  • Loss of advice
  • Loss of protection
  • Wrongful death caused by illegal sale of alcohol

(There is no compensation for grief, sorrow, or pain.)Under Minnesota law, if someone’s death was caused by the illegal sale of alcohol, a wrongful death suit can be brought against the seller (dram shop). For example, if a drunk minor causes a fatal car accident, a suit may be filed against the person who sold alcohol to that minor.

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