Rich was my lawyer throughout my case after being hit and run over on my motorcycle last summer on my way to work. I broke 8 bones, had a simple pneumothorax, and severe bruising and some road rash. My friend Melissa recommended him to me, and we called him up the morning after my accident. I'll be damned if he wasn't there either that day or the next day all the way to Rochester, MN from the Twin Cities. He was literally in my hospital room while I was all sorts of messed up, and was patient as he talked through the options and logistics with me and my husband. I had communication with him throughout the case which surprisingly only took 9-10 months total. There were complications with my workplace insurance, my motorcycle insurance, and the third party being underinsured. I was educated (unfortunately after the fact) on what kind of insurance coverage I should carry as a motorcycle rider, and I am now back on a bike. He was able to cut his fees a bit in order for me to still be compensated because unfortunately for me, I didn't get a large lump sum like most people even though I deserved it. It's a long story….but nonetheless, Rich was understanding of it all, and still got me a 5 digit settlement which has really helped me and my husband. It was very easy, and it required very little work from me. I would 10/10 go back to Rich if GOD FORBID something like this happened again!!

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