I was injured in an auto accident with the other driver totally at fault. Needing an attorney, I reviewed multiple law firms, wanting the best possible representation. Rich Ruohonen's work stood out, and the accolades and awards he has received from other lawyers and his clients assured me that I was getting the best.

Rich's work in representing me was top notch, and he dug for every legal advantage in settling my case. He ran rings around the attorney for the defendant, and it became apparent that not only was he much more familiar with case law and statutes than they were, but he was able to use that knowledge as leverage to put them at a distinct disadvantage in negotiating the settlement.

Then he followed up with a claim against my insurance company, who had been less than supportive. That resulted in another large settlement.

In the end, I could not have been happier with Rich's work and with the settlements I received.

Rich always responded when I contacted him with questions or concerns. He kept me fully informed as we moved through the settlement process, always fully answering my questions and ensuring that I was comfortable with the decisions we made. The fees for his work were straight-forward, exactly as we had agreed upon, and with no ‘phantom' charges.
On top of all this, he's a really nice guy. Throw out all your lawyer jokes – they just don't apply. I Highly recommend TSR Injury Law.

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