Alex was riding on his recently purchased motor scooter when another vehicle pulled out into traffic, causing Alex to hit this vehicle with his shoulder and fly up onto its hood. Alex was initially told by his insurance company that they did not have to cover his medical bills and that he should go to the other driver’s insurance company. Ultimately, Alex had to have a significant shoulder surgery for his injuries. Alex hired Patrick Kranz, who was able to get Alex’s auto insurance company to afford coverage for his medical bills. His auto insurance company initially paid for his medical bills, but then sent him to an adverse exam doctor, who said there was nothing more he should do for his injuries. Patrick arbitrated Alex’s medical bills at arbitration. Ultimately Alex’s insurance company argued that his medical bills had not been submitted properly or within a certain amount of time. Unfortunately, the arbitrator agreed with their position. Patrick then threatened to bring this to Court and they backed off their position and paid for his medical bills. However, they continued to deny his ongoing medical bills and Patrick had to filed for a second arbitration. Eventually, his insurance company settled for the remaining amount of benefits they had. Additionally, Patrick was able to settle with the other driver’s insurance company for their policy limits of $30,000.

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