St. Paul Car Accident & Injury Lawyer

Tens of thousands of car accidents occur each year in Minnesota. Just because you have car insurance does not mean you will automatically receive the compensation you need and deserve. Future expenses need to be factored into the settlement. Car insurance companies may be hesitant to pay future expenses without an attorney establishing a valid claim.

Car Accident Compensation

At TSR Injury Law, we believe it is right and just for people to receive compensation for car accident injuries inflicted on them by someone else. Compensation may be sought in these areas:

  • medical expenses
  • lost wages
  • loss in earning ability
  • pain and suffering
  • punitive damages, especially in drunk driving accidents

Our St. Paul Car Accident Lawyers have helped thousands of people find justice through the legal system, including the following example from our case files:

My wife and I were ‘t-boned’ while driving in the Twin Cities. My wife, Darlene, knew she was hurt immediately, but I thought everything was okay. Unfortunately, I began to feel the affects of the collision a few weeks later and decided to seek treatment. At the same time, my insurance company started calling my home asking questions which I had no idea how to answer and they sent paperwork that I was uncomfortable signing. I hired TSR Injury Law to help. They were referred by a friend who was happy with their services.Steven fought my insurance to pay the surgery bills, as well as the insurance of the person who hit us. I was amazed at how complicated the insurance companies tried to make the crash. The end result was Steven won the case on both sides. He got all my bills and wages paid and we settled the claim so that I was compensated for the pain and suffering. Based on this wonderful experience with Steve, I have referred him co-workers and family members who need legal help. I can not recommend anyone higher than TSR Injury Law.~Curtis Bell, Maple Grove

St. Paul Personal Injury Lawyer

Our Personal Injury Lawyers work with a team of qualified experts to assess the extent of the injuries, whether there will be resultant permanent disability or physical limitations, and the estimated future medical expenses. We will fight tirelessly to ensure that you receive full compensation for your injuries. Call 612-TSR-TIME or contact us online.

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