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A St. Paul police officer responded to a 911 call about a dog biting someone and he was then bitten himself by the same dog.

Mark Lindquist, suffered puncture wounds to his leg after the dog bite, as well as torn pants and broken glasses.

Lundquist and another officer had responded to the call on Central Avenue on the morning of December 16. The call said that someone had been bitten by a dog.

Upon arrival, they found a woman in hysterics because the offending dog was one she was taking care of for the dog’s owner. She had been trying to put the dog back into its kennel when it turned on her and bit her arm, according to the report.

After the bite, someone else put the dog on a leash and took it outside.

When the officers arrived, they saw a 6-year-old girl and a 13-year-old girl walking the dog across the street. The 13-year-old was holding the leash, which was just a piece of nylon rope of around 3 or 4 feet tied to a metal chain. The officers noted that the girl was having difficulty controlling the dog.

Charlie Williamson, the uncle of the girls, told them to take the dog to the officers. This is when Lundquist tried to get information from the girls about what was going on, but they had difficulty doing so.

When Lundquist turned to head back to the house where the bite victim was, the 13-year-old let go of the leash and the dog latched on to Lundquist’s calf. When the dog let go and started to attack again, Lundquist shot and killed the dog.

A witness said in the report that Williamson had told the girl to let the dog go because they had grown tired of the dog.

Williamson has now been charged with aiding and abetting fifth-degree assault, aiding and abetting obstruction of legal process with force, and aiding and abetting an animal attack.