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Brain-Injury Death of Child Results in Criminal Charges

A woman’s live-in boyfriend has been charged with inflicting neck and head injuries that resulted in the death of a 22-month-old little girl. The mother told authorities that the defendant wanted her to stand by him through the criminal proceedings, but she said she had also been physically abused by him. Dilworth, Minnesota resident Raul […]

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Trucker Settles with Families in Fatal Crash

In 2009, a trucker was the cause of a fatal accident. Now the wrongful death trial for that trucker has been cancelled. Instead of facing the families of the three victims, the truck driver, Seth Allan Strehler and his trucking company decided to settle. Strehler was acquitted of a charge of careless driving. After the […]

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School Busing Change Blamed for Student Attack

This semester, students at Henry High were told by the Minneapolis Public School District that they would no longer be taking traditional yellow school buses to and from school. Now teens are expected to take metro transit buses if they do not drive or have someone to drive them to school This was not a […]

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Pharmacists Admit Sterile Drugs Frequently Contaminated

Months after the fungal meningitis infections started to surface, the deaths have continued to climb. The cause was contaminated pain shots and pharmacists say that they believe such a contamination and outbreak could happen again. Approximately 13 percent of pharmacy technicians, pharmacist, and others that have responded to polls about the issue have said that […]

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