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Vicarious Liability

Vicarious liability is a form of secondary liability by which an employer or other superior can be held liable for the actions of another. In vicarious liability, an employer is held liable for injuries that an employee causes if the employee was acting within the scope of their employment. Secondary liability means that a person […]

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Elevator Accidents

People rely on elevators and escalators whenever they do not want to take the stairs. In some buildings, taking the elevator is really the only option to get to an office or apartment. Elevators, however, do have a history of injuring people. Fortunately for the millions that take elevators on a daily basis, the most […]

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Intentional Torts

The world of tort law is, for the most part, divided into two broad categories of faults. The first category, negligence, is much less straightforward than the other category, intentional torts. For a tort to be an intentional tort, it must have “intent” as one of its elements. Intentional torts are actions that allow a […]

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