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Minnesota Man Claims Actos Caused Bladder Cancer

Minnesota health officials believe that “lean finely textured beef” made by Beef Products, Inc. was contaminated with E. coli and caused at least five people to become ill in 2009 with one of those individuals dying. Now, Beef Products, Inc. is pursuing a lawsuit against two former USDA microbiologists and ABC News because the two […]

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Man Awarded over $1 Mil in Levaquin Lawsuit

The victory by a plaintiff in his Levaquin lawsuit against the manufacturer has brought about some very interesting details regarding the prescribing of the drug. John Schedin was awarded over $1 million by a jury after he had experienced two ruptured Achilles tendons days after he started taking Levaquin with a steroid. The doctor who […]

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Man Attacks Wife’s Co-Worker in Her Home

A man has been accused of assault and a number of other charges have been filed, as he attempted to kill his wife’s co-worker with a hammer on January 14. Johnathan Lee Closner, 26, entered his wife’s home in Zumbrota and started attacking Daniel David Yennie, 20, with a hammer, striking them man twice in […]

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