Minnesota Wrongful Death of a Child

Wrongful Death of a Child Laws

It is difficult for the court to quantify the economic loss for the death of a child. There are no wages to consider and a minor child does not usually contribute to the family’s finances. A child contributes in other ways, though. In the state of Minnesota, parents can recover for the loss of the child’s companionship and affection.Parents who can recover for the death of a child include:

  • the child’s mother
  • the child’s acknowledged father
  • the child’s adoptive parents
  • legal guardians

An adult child is a different circumstance. When an adult child suffers a wrongful death, the parents have a beneficiary claim if the adult child had been contributing money to the parents’ household or providing valuable services to the parents. In addition, the parents can file a pecuniary loss claim. Pecuniary loss includes loss of advice, care, comfort, and companionship. Whether the adult child was married can affect the parents’ right to file a wrongful death claim.

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