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wrongful-death-3 Minnesota Wrongful Death - Beneficiary ClaimIn general, a wrongful death claim is one in which it is alleged that the death of a person was caused by the negligent conduct of another. The relatives, dependents, or beneficiaries of the deceased may bring a beneficiary claim against the responsible party or parties. The claim is filed with the intent of recovering expenses in the absence of the decedent. If you have questions about Wrongful Death Beneficiary Claims, call one of our knowledgeable attorneys at 612-TSR-TIME or submit our contact form.

Eligible Beneficiaries

Primary beneficiaries are the spouse and any blood relatives, including those formally adopted. In Minnesota, the parents of the deceased person may also be designated as beneficiaries. In cases where there is more than one beneficiary, the damages will be distributed between those beneficiaries.

Eligible Beneficiary Compensation

The basis for the claim is not about the damages to the deceased, but the resultant loss for the surviving spouse, family members, or parents. The losses include most factors that place burdens on the survivors or beneficiaries, including:

  • loss of salary
  • loss of health benefits
  • pain and suffering
  • funeral and burial expenses

Then there are pecuniary damages that can be included in the claim. They are:

  • loss of services
  • loss of protection
  • loss of care
  • loss of companionship
  • loss of advice

Minnesota Wrongful Death Attorney

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