Minnesota Trimalleolar Fracture Attorney

Trimalleolar fractures are one of the most serious types of broken ankles. If you have sustained a trimalleolar fracture, you need legal representation to maximize your insurance benefits. Call 612-TSR-TIME or submit our free consultation form.

About Trimalleolar Fractures and Broken Ankles

Trimalleolar fractures frequently happen in a motor vehicle accident when the driver or passenger braces for impact. They occur in slip and fall accidents, too. A trimalleolar fracture involves three bone surfaces:

  • lateral malleolus (end of the fibula)
  • medial malleolus (end of medial tibia)
  • posterior malleolus (distal tibia)

A trimalleolar fracture can have further complications, including:

  • bone infection
  • nerve damage
  • blood vessel damage
  • arthritis

Treatment for this type of broken ankle may include surgery. Frequently screws and pins will have to be used to align and stabilize the ankle. After surgery, you can expect to wear a non-weight bearing cast for 6-8 weeks. The recovery process can be long and difficult, leaving the ankle prone to pain, stiffness, and arthritis.

Minnesota Trimalleolar Fracture Attorney

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