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Types of Skull Fracture

A skull fracture is a break in the cranial bones of the skull. Such fractures are often accompanied by an injury to the brain. Although it is normally quite difficult to damage the skull, a severe blow can result in a fracture. There are four main types of skull fractures:

  • Simple Fracture: occurs when the bone is broken but the surrounding skin is unharmed
  • Linear Skull Fracture: a break in the bone resembling a thin line, no splintering, no depression, no distortion of bone
  • Depressed Skull Fracture: a break in which the bone is pushed inward toward the brain
  • Compound Fracture: occurs when the skin is punctured and cranial bone is splintered

Symptoms of a skull fracture are similar to those of a brain injury, they include:

  • headache
  • nausea
  • disorientation
  • stiff neck
  • may be a bump or bruise at trauma site

Because of the skull’s proximity to the brain, any fracture to the skull can cause serious damage to the brain itself. Unfortunately, treatment of these injuries can cause a tremendous financial strain. If the injury resulted from the negligent actions of another, it is important that the individual be held responsible.

Minnesota Skull Fracture Attorney

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