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About Second Degree Burns

A second degree burn is sometimes called a partial thickness burn. A second degree burn penetrates the epidermis and sometimes reaches the dermis. There is redness, blistering, and extensive pain. The pain is heightened due to the fact that the nerves are damaged, not destroyed. In a second degree burn, there can be damage to sweat glands and hair follicles, as well as severe swelling.

Most second degree burns require medical attention and will heal in 10-21 days. Second degree burns do leave a change in skin color and pigmentation. If the second degree burn is ivory or whitish in color, it will require a process known as debridement (scrubbing) to avoid any type of infection. Debridement will be followed up with skin grafting treatment.

Long-Term Prognosis

There are many continuing issues with burned skin.

  • Dryness will always be a problem because the oil glands were damaged.
  • Some people have issues with sweating.
  • Burn victims are prone to eczema, because the skin is thinner and breaks down easier.
  • The burned area is prone to wrinkles at an earlier age.
  • The burn victim may have a permanent mesh pattern to the burned area if skin grafting was used.

A burn victim suffers more than visible injuries — there are psychological and emotional issues to work through. It is not unusual for a burn victim to have nightmares, cold sweats, low self-esteem, and depression. Their world has been permanently changed and the adjustment can be very difficult.

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