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The Spine and Ruptured Discs

The spine is literally the backbone of good health. The vertebrae are critical in the weight-bearing capacity of the spine and provide protection and support for the spinal cord — which is a bundle of nerves connecting the brain to the entire body, facilitating all movement and organ function.

Between every vertebrae is a small, gel-filled cartilage disc that provides a cushion between the segments of the spine. When the spine is damaged or stressed in a car accident or severe fall, the disc can rupture. A ruptured disc bulges out, sometimes irritating or pressing directly on a nerve. A ruptured disc (disk) may be referred to as a herniated disc, slipped disc, or a bulging disc.

Ruptured Disc Symptoms

The symptoms of a ruptured disc vary, but may include the following:

  • swelling
  • back pain
  • muscle weakness
  • tingling
  • decreased reflexes
  • pain radiating into a limb

In some cases, a spinal injury will interfere with bowel and bladder function. If that happens, seek immediate medical attention because this is not a normal ruptured disc symptom.

Minnesota Ruptured Disc Lawyer

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