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Pharmacy Errors and Your Rights

Pharmacists need to be exact. It is their job to be accurate when prescribing specific medication for a medical condition. Failure to do so can result in serious problems including a dependency on the product, an overdose or damage to organs. Many pharmacists are overworked and overtired but this is no excuse, not when the situation can result in fatality. It is their job to fill the prescription the right way and to ensure that each patient understands the instructions clearly.

At TSR Injury Law Firm we have helped countless clients with legal problems and insurance claims against pharmacists and other medical professionals where negligent behavior has resulted in serious injury or death. While going up against a large pharmacy may seem a little daunting, it is what we specialize in and we can ensure that the process is as smooth and stress free as possible.

Minnesota Medication Error Attorney

It is estimated that around 10 percent of prescription medications are actually filled with errors, either in the instructions, the dosage, and the expiry date of the medication or the actual medication itself. While some of these errors may not matter, others will. If you have experienced an illness or medical condition due to a prescription error then contact our Minnesota injury lawyers,

A prescription error can make you feel angry and upset and rightfully so. You may feel like you have been let down by a professional that should have known better. Everyone makes mistakes but doctors and pharmacists have a responsibility to prevent this type of thing from happening. In some instances, an error in medication can result in a fatality and you could be faced with a wrongful death claim.

MN Injury Lawyer

Compensation for your pain, suffering and loss can help you and your family move forward and can pay for things like lost earnings, loss of enjoyment of life and further medical treatment. At TSR Injury Law Firm we work hard to fight on your behalf. Contact our Minnesota personal injury lawyer at 612-TSR-TIME today or submit our free contact form to learn more about your legal rights when faced with a prescription error.

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