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child-injury-1 Minnesota Playground Injury AttorneyTSR Injury Law wants to offer help and support to parents of children injured in a playground or school incident. These types of accidents are especially painful to understand and accept because you trusted the school to have safe equipment and the playground to be adequately supervised.

Unfortunately, that is not the case in every school. While some schools do an outstanding job at providing a safe environment for their students, there are too many schools and school officials who fail to keep their students safe.

If your child has been injured while at school or a school-sponsored activity, contact a Minnesota school injury attorney today. Call 612-TSR-TIME to discuss your legal rights and options.

Types of School Injuries

There are a number of aspects of school life that can lead to an injury if a child is not properly protected or supervised. TSR Injury Law is here to answer any questions you have and to represent you if your child has been affected by:

  • Teacher negligence
  • School district negligence
  • Failure to supervise
  • Sexual assault

Minnesota School Injury Attorney

Children should feel safe and protected at school. When schools fail to provide for the safety of innocent children, they absolutely must be held responsible for their careless and negligent offenses.

If your child has been injured while at school, contact TSR Injury Law today, at 612-TSR-TIME, to schedule a consultation with a qualified and experienced legal professional. If you prefer, you may submit our online free consultation form.

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