Minnesota Personal Watercraft Accident Lawyer

jet-ski-defect Minnesota Personal Watercraft Accident LawyerMinnesota is the state of 10,000 lakes, which means there are a lot of watercrafts on the waters. In fact, the popularity of personal watercraft, such as boats and jet skis, has skyrocketed within the past 15 years. This is because they are affordable, fun, and allow individuals to relax and enjoy the lakes and rivers of Minnesota. Unfortunately, this fun can quickly turn tragic.

Because of the frequency of personal watercraft use in Minnesota, accidents occur a lot as well. These accidents can be the result of faulty watercraft parts, which is the responsibility of the manufacturer, or the accident can be the result of someone else’s negligence or a defect on their own watercraft. Whatever the cause of the accident, it is a must to consult with a Minneapolis personal watercraft accident lawyer as soon as possible to learn about your rights and your options.

Personal Watercraft Defects

There are times in which the defect may not be mechanical, but it may be a problem with the design. Take jet skis, for instance. They are designed for a passenger to sit behind the driver. If the passenger falls off of the back due to the lack of back support, they can fall into the path of the Jet Ski’s jet wash. This can lead to life threatening injuries. The manufacturers of these crafts know about the dangers of the Jet Ski design, but they have done nothing to make them safer.

At the same time, there are other types of personal watercrafts that drive in ways that could be dangerous. For instance, a boat may not be able to turn if the throttle is down. If a driver needs to turn the boat at low throttle, they may not be able to and this could cause an accident. There is technology that does exist that allows a boat to turn when the throttle is low. Manufacturers have taken their time to adopt this technology and this slow pace has led to many accidents.

Dangers Of Watercraft Malfunctions

A person using a watercraft is in a unique situation. First, they are not always near other people and, second, they are away from shore. This can result in a very dangerous situation if an accident should occur. There is no safe place to go. Being so far from shore when a defect occurs can result in severe injury or death in itself.

Whether the defect is the result of poor repair work, poor manufacturing, or is the result of a defect on someone else’s watercraft, it is important that the responsible party is held accountable for the oversight. Fortunately, you have a Minnesota personal watercraft accident lawyer ready to pursue the responsible party so that you can receive compensation for the death of a loved one, medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses that are the direct result of the accident.

Contact A Minneapolis Personal Watercraft Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been killed or injured in a personal watercraft accident, whether by the negligence of someone else or the direct result of a manufacturing defect, you may have a case. We can evaluate every angle of the accident and determine what the best course of action will be. In the end, you may be entitled to compensation for expenses directly related to the accident and it is your right to pursue that compensation. To learn more, call us at 612-TSR-TIME, or fill out our contact form to schedule your free case evaluation.

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