Minnesota Paraplegia Attorney

wheelchair-1 Minnesota Paraplegia AttorneyThe costs of caring for a loved one with a spinal cord injury are significant. TSR Injury Law, a premier Minnesota personal injury law firm, can help you obtain the compensation needed to provide the necessary care for your loved one. Our partners have years of experience and have obtained excellent verdicts and settlements on behalf of seriously injured people. Call 612-TSR-TIME or submit our free consultation form.

Paraplegia is the impairment of motor and sensory function of the lower extremities. The trauma is usually sustained in the thoracic, lumbar, or sacral regions of the spinal canal. There can be many causes for paraplegia, but we will address paraplegia from acute spinal cord injury and medical malpractice, namely from:

Complications of Paraplegia

  • Bladder and bowel incontinence
  • Impotence
  • Pressure sores
  • Thrombosis (blood clots)
  • Pneumonia

Long Term Measures Needed

  • Rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Counseling
  • Standing frame
  • Home health aide / nurse
  • Renovations to the home (entrance, hallways, bathrooms, doorways)
  • Vehicle to accommodate wheelchair and equipment
  • Future surgeries a possibility

Compensation for Spinal Cord Injury Victims

If you have suffered a spinal cord injury, due to negligence and leading to paraplegia, you may have a claim for the following:

  • loss of past and future wages
  • past and future medical expenses
  • payments for replacement services
  • pain and suffering
  • emotional distress
  • loss of enjoyment of life
  • loss of companionship
  • loss of assistance, advice, and/or protection

Minnesota Spinal Injury Attorney

Our Minnesota Spinal Injury Attorneys have extensive experience with paraplegia cases with excellent results. If the incident that led to your spinal cord injury was caused by negligence or medical malpractice, you deserve justice. We are dedicated to obtaining full compensation for our clients and helping them face the difficulties and challenges caused by their injuries. Call 612-TSR-TIME or submit our contact form.

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