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The size and weight of most large, commercial trucks pose a number of dangers to their drivers as well as other motorists. One of the dangers, related to the size of the truck, comes with the extensive blind spots, or no-zone areas. A no-zone area is one of several different regions around a truck where smaller passenger cars and motorcycles can disappear from the truck driver's sight. In these instances, if a truck driver attempts to change lanes without thoroughly checking for other vehicles, deadly or damaging accidents are possible.

Understanding No-Zones

On most large trucks, there are several areas that are considered “no-zones”, and driving in or near these areas of a truck can be extremely risky. The most dangerous no-zones areas on a truck include:

  • Side no-zones: These are the most well-known and perhaps the most dangerous of all of the truck's blind spots. These are located along either side of the truck, and usually extend from right behind the cab to the back end of the trailer. In order to avoid accidents in these no-zone areas, you should always make sure that you can see the truck driver's face in their side mirrors. If you cannot see the driver, the driver cannot see you.
  • Rear no-zone: Since most large trucks are hauling trailers, they cannot use rear-view mirrors to check for vehicles behind them. As such, when traveling behind a large truck you should remain far enough back that the driver can see you in their side mirrors.
  • Front no-zone: Most trucks have an elevated cab, meaning that the driver is seated much higher than other vehicles. If you are driving a smaller passenger vehicle or motorcycle, there is a chance that a truck driver might not see you if you are located too close to the front of the truck.

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