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Laminectomy Surgery

Laminectomy is the most common type of surgery performed to treat spinal stenosis (tightening). A laminectomy is required when the disc between the vertebrae has been injured, pressuring the nerves in the spinal canal. A laminectomy is performed to relieve the pressure by removing bone and, if necessary, thickened tissue. This will provide more area for the spinal cord and nerves, reducing inflammation and pain.

Surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis is more effective at relieving pain in the legs than pain in the back. There are possible complications, including spinal pain may:

  • not be relieved by a laminectomy
  • come back after a laminectomy
  • develop into spinal stenosis above or below the surgery site

With each additional surgery, there is an increase in the risk of infection, complications, and instability in the spine.

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