Minnesota First Degree Burn Injury Attorney

first-degree-burn-1 Minnesota First Degree Burn Injury AttorneyBurns are classified according to the amount of tissue damaged. A first degree burn is the least serious of all burns. Most first degree burns are from the sun, chemicals, or brief contact with dry or moist heat.

In a first degree burn, the skin will look red and may be tender to the touch. It may also be moist, somewhat swollen, and itchy. These burns do not blister or leave a scar.

You may treat first degree burns at home. Hold the burn under running, cold water for 10 minutes. Do not use ice. This can further damage the skin. You may put sterile gauze on the burn, but do not use adhesive bandages. The gauze needs to be loose to allow air flow. Do not use butter or oils. They will intensify the heat and deepen the burn. An anti-inflammatory, over the counter medication will help with pain and inflammation.

If you have a minor burn from a chemical, remove the clothing, run cool water over the burn for 20-30 minutes. Different chemicals have different effects, so check the chemical container for further instructions.

Contact a Minnesota Burn Injury Attorney immediately if you sustained a second or third degree burn due to negligence on the part of another. Evidence needs to me collected, including pictures of the burn. Call 612-TSR-TIME to speak to an experience attorney with TSR Injury Law. Our partners have been named Minnesota Super Lawyers many times.

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