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The emergency room can be a demanding and hectic place for both the staff and for the patients. Doctors and nurses are working around the clock to provide care for sick and injured patients and often mistakes are made. However, this is not acceptable. One of the mistakes that can be made when in an ER situation is failure to diagnose. What this means is that the doctor or medical practitioner does not diagnose the condition and real reason behind your injury or illness. This can result in a lack of proper treatment and further pain, suffering and even fatality down the road.

Minnesota ER Accident Lawyer

TSR Injury Law Firm comprises of leading Minnesota personal injury lawyers with experience in all aspects of medical malpractice including failure to diagnose. Failure to diagnose can result in serious and often life threatening problems down the road and this should not be tolerated. If you or a loved one is suffering from an illness or injury that was not adequately handled in the ER, then you could be eligible for financial compensation.

Failure to diagnose in the emergency room usually involves a serious situation. Bleeding during pregnancy, chest pain, a serious head injury, dizziness or excessive vomiting all require immediate medical attention and often are the result of an underlying condition that must be treated right away. Delaying treatment or failing to use adequate tools to diagnose the underlying problem can result in the condition to continue to worsen.

Failure to Diagnose Complications

Our Minnesota injury lawyers have handled all aspects of failure of diagnose cases including:

  • Pregnancy complications resulting in miscarriage, still birth or birthing injuries
  • Heart related conditions including heart attacks
  • Undiagnosed stroke
  • Undiagnosed head injuries
  • Undiagnosed internal bleeding
  • Undiagnosed infection and poisoning

ER Doctor Responsibility and Negligence

When you see a doctor in the emergency room it is their legal responsibility and a big part of their job to perform as many tests needed to make an accurate diagnosis. This can include blood tests, x-rays, chest exams and further appointments with specialists. Just because the ER is busy or because the doctor wants to go home does not excuse them from not doing their job and performing the adequate tests and follow up. Passing a condition or symptom off as nothing can result in life threatening conditions and robs you of your right to adequate treatment.

Don’t settle for second class medical attention. It is your right to adequate medical care whether at home, in a clinic, in a hospital or in an emergency room.

MN Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are in an emergency medical situation there is often not a lot of time to think or react. Doctors are trained to handle these situations and are required by law to diagnose each patient to the best of their ability. If this has not happened to you or to a loved one, then contact our team of professional Minnesota injury attorneys for assistance. Contact TSR Injury Law Firm today at 612-TSR-TIME or through our free consultation form.

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