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Escalators can make life a lot easier. Essentially, they act as moving walkways and are common in all public areas such as airports, shopping malls and hotels. You are able to get up and down the stairs much quicker and easier with escalators. However, these moving walkways also come with a number of hazards. Escalator injuries are more common than you may think. Design negligence, improper maintenance and technical errors can all lead to serious escalator injuries which often involve children or the elderly.

Minnesota Moving Walkway Lawyer

If you or someone you love has suffered from an injury such as a fall from an escalator, then it is important that you seek the assistance you deserve. If the escalator is in a public area, then you may be offered compensation through the commercial property’s insurance carrier. Often times this claim is not going to cover all the costs you have sustained which is why it is important that you speak to a Minnesota personal injury lawyer before signing any paperwork.

At TSR Injury Law Firm we can help you see your options clearly. We offer a free initial consultation and will explain your legal options. We can handle all aspects of your case from filing a lawsuit to making an insurance claim. Whatever you decide to do, we are here to help.

Escalator Related Accidents

There are a number of reasons why an escalator injury can occur. Improper maintenance is a big one which means that the escalator is not working properly. It could be moving too fast or running rough which can cause falls and other injuries. All escalators must be monitored and serviced on a regular basis. If the building has failed to do this, then this could result in a liability lawsuit.

Trips in escalators are also quite common and can happen for a number of reasons. Slippery or wet conditions on the moving walkway can cause slips. A big problem with trips in a moving walkway is that often one fall can lead to other people falling as well. This can result in a number of serious injuries in one escalator incident.

Serious trip and falls in an escalator can lead to serious injuries to the brain, neck, skull, back and even hip. You could be looking at years of recovery and rehabilitation as well as surgical and medical expenses.

Another injury that may be sustained due to an escalator malfunction is foot injuries. This can be caused by shoes being pulled into the stairs. Some footwear, such as flip flops, can be pulled under the stair wall in some instances which can lead to serious foot injuries. Other items can also be dragged under causing potentially fatal problems such as scarves, purses and shoe laces.

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If you have been injured by an escalator or moving walkway accident, you deserve to know what this means for your future. Our Minnesota injury attorneys can ensure you receive what you are entitled to. Contact the offices of TSR Injury Law at 612-TSR-TIME today or submit our free contact form.

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