Minnesota Emergency Room Mistake Lawyer

Timing is everything when you are faced with a medical emergency, especially in the ER. Doctors and nurses are trained to handle these often critical and stressful situations by attending to those that are in critical condition first. However, just because the ER is often crazy doesn’t mean that the patients in need of attention only get a very quick visit before the doctors will move on. Just because you are in the ER doesn’t mean there is room for mistake.

Emergency Room Accidents

At TSR Injury Law Firm we handle all instances of medical malpractice that you or a loved one may have been a victim to. ER mistakes should not happen and a failure to treat or diagnose properly can result in fatal and life threatening consequences down the road. Our Minnesota personal injury attorneys specialize in handing medical malpractice cases that occur in the ER such as:

  • Failure to diagnose
  • Emergency room negligence
  • Failure to treat
  • Complications due to a misdiagnosis

If you have faced a medical emergency, such as a pain in the chest, trouble breathing or a serious head injury, then seeing a doctor at the ER is the first step. However, in many instances, this is not the end of it. You may need to undergo further testing and follow ups to determine what caused this problem such as cat scans, x-rays, MRI’s, blood tests and ultrasounds. You may need to see a specialist and you may need to remain in the hospital or come back at a later date. It is the responsibility of the ER doctor to determine what the next plan of action is for treating your condition. If he sends you home without proper care, then you could be looking at a lawsuit.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer MN

Of course, fighting against a hospital may seem hopeless, especially when you are already faced with emotional and physical pain from the injury or health complication that was not adequately looked after. This is where our leading Minnesota injury lawyers at TSR Injury Law Firm come in. We know that hospitals have some of the toughest insurance companies working for them. We are tougher. We can ensure that you walk away with a fair settlement and compensation package for your suffering. Compensation can pay for things like continued medical treatment, hospital and medical bills and other costs associated with the health complication.

It is Your Right to Proper Medical Care

Your body is designed to fight. However, if you are not given proper medical attention and adequate treatment, then you are not giving your body a chance to fight back and win. This is often the fault of a negligent ER staff and you should not be punished anymore than you already have been. Let us assess your case to determine what is rightfully owed to you. Contact TSR Injury Law Firm today at 612-TSR-TIME or through our free consultation form.

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