Minnesota Elevator Accidents Lawyer

Elevators are used on a regular basis in commercial and residential buildings across the nation. It is important that you understand the various hazards involved in elevators. It is also important to understand that if you or a loved one has been injured in an elevator accident, that you do have legal rights. It is the responsibility of the property management, the construction zone contractor or the commercial building owner to maintain and service all elevators on a regular basis. If something is wrong with the design or the maintenance of the elevator, then an accident can happen leading to serious injuries for those in the accident.

This is not something that anyone wants to deal with but elevator accidents do happen all the time. Contact a Minnesota personal injury attorney as soon as you can if you have been impacted by an elevator accident. This is your best chance of getting fair compensation for your losses so you and your family can move forward after an elevator accident.

Premise Liability Accidents

Elevators are used in almost all buildings that have more than a few stories. From hospitals to apartment complexes, from construction sites to shopping malls, from hotels to schools, from airports to office buildings – in most instances it is a requirement to have a working elevator in place to assist with those that have difficulty walking, have a lot of items to carry or are in a wheelchair.

Elevators can be scary for a number of people even when they are working perfectly. The idea of being enclosed in a small space and having no control of your movements can be terrifying and rightfully so. If you are faced with an elevator accident, you may not only be looking at physical injury but also emotional stress from the event. You may have trouble going into small spaces or develop a serious fear of heights. This is something that can be treated, in some cases, with the right rehabilitative measures.

Elevator Injuries and Accidents

Elevator accidents fall under the category of premise liability lawsuits and insurance claims. What this means is that the building’s insurance company is responsible for paying you for the losses incurred. Premise liability cases are filed due to negligence or unsafe conditions. Some of the factors in elevator accidents include:

  • Inadequate maintenance
  • Faulty design of the system
  • Emergency stop button is not working
  • Jammed doors
  • Problems with the elevator lining up
  • Inadequate operation
  • Lack of proper signs around a broken elevator
  • Elevator shaft falls

Minnesota Injury Lawyer

Elevator accidents can result in a number of serious injuries. A fall in an elevator can cause broken bones while a sudden drop can result in head and even back injuries. Getting jammed in the door can also result in serious injuries including mangled limbs. A compensation package can help pay for damage due to this accident such as medical related expenses, a loss of income and rehabilitation measures.

Whether you have been injured in an elevator accident or are enquiring on the behalf of a loved one, don’t settle for less than what you deserve. Contact a Minnesota premise liability attorney at TSR Injury Law Firm today at 612-TSR-TIME today or submit our free contact form.

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