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Electrical shock injury is widely misunderstood because it presents with many different symptoms. In the last 20 years, the electrical shock injury field has changed dramatically due mostly to the internet and the subsequent ability for doctors to compare electrical shock victim symptoms.

Some responses to electrical contact were so rare and bizarre that doctors did not consider them valid. They suspected the electrical shock victim of imagining symptoms or malingering. There is now significant evidence — worldwide — to verify the imagined symptoms.

Types of Electrical Shock Injury

There are many ways for the human body to be injured by an electrical shock. The difficult part is that the human response to electrical contact is widely varied. An electrical shock that may not phase one person, may kill or cause lifelong disability in another person.

Types of Electrical Shock:

About Electrical Shock Injury

An electric shock occurs when the human body comes into contact with any source of voltage high enough to cause a current through the muscles or hair. It is generally accepted that the minimum current a human can feel is about 1 milliampere (mA). The initial size of the electrical burn site is not an accurate measure of the total amount of tissue involved because the subcutaneous tissue can sustain extensive damage.

Direct current (DC) tends to cause continuous, involuntary muscular contractions that make it impossible for the victim to let go from the source of the electric current; even though there is an overwhelming effort to break free. This increases the risk of deep tissue burns. On the other hand, alternating current (AC) tends to interfere more with the function of the heart.

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