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MADD-logo Minnesota DUI Injury Claim LawyersInjured by a drunk driver? Feeling overwhelmed and just want someone to answer your questions and file a claim? The attorneys at TSR Injury Law care about your pain and we can help. We are committed to making drunk drivers pay. When the accident is due to a drunk driver, you may be entitled to punitive damages as well as damages for your injuries.

It is fair and just that the drunk driver in a DUI accident, should face negative consequences for their actions. We feel very strongly about this issue and have long supported the mission of MADD Minnesota. Call us at 612-TSR-TIME, our DUI Injury Claim Lawyers will fight for justice in your case. If you prefer, you may submit our contact form. All consultations are free.

The Risks of DUI

It is one thing to make a decision that puts our own lives at risk. It is entirely different to make that decision about other people’s lives. Anyone who drives a car under the influence of any kind of drug falls into the second category. They can seriously injure or even kill innocent drivers or pedestrians.

These risks exist because alcohol impairs a person’s:

  • Judgment, leading to reckless behavior
  • Vision, leading to an inability to follow traffic laws
  • Response time, leading to an inability to handle emergencies

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Drunk drivers are more likely to speed, be involved in collisions with other cars, hit cyclists or pedestrians, or be involved in other dangerous behaviors. If you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver, call TSR Injury Law, at 612-TSR-TIME, or submit our free consultation form. We will help you with your DUI Injury Claim.

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