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MADD-logo Minnesota Dram Shop LawyersEstablishments that serve alcoholic beverages understand the risks of excessive drinking. By selling this potentially dangerous substance for a profit, many people believe that these stores are taking partial responsibility for injuries that result. Minnesota’s dram shop laws, like those of several other states, reflect this belief.

The purpose of dram shop laws is to allow people who have been injured by a drunk driver to win compensation from the restaurant, bar, or liquor store that shares responsibility. Minnesota Dram Shop Law Attorneys at TSR Injury Law can advise you about how this law relates to your case. Call us at 612-TSR-TIME or submit our free consultation form.

Who Can Be Held Liable under Dram Shop Laws?

Liability for drunk driving accidents varies from state to state. Under Minnesota dram shop laws, establishments are only liable if they sold alcohol to the driver in question illegally.

This includes:liqourliability Minnesota Dram Shop Lawyers

  • Selling alcohol to a minor (unless the minor presented a reasonably accurate false I.D.)
  • Selling alcohol to an obviously intoxicated person (“obviously intoxicated” is not clarified)
  • Providing alcohol after legally established hours

If an establishment breaks one of these laws, leading to a person’s intoxication, the establishment can be held partially responsible for injuries the intoxicated person inflicts on others.

Who Can File a Claim?

If you have been injured by an drunk driver, and the business that sold this driver alcohol was violating a law, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Under the Minnesota dram shop law, people who injure themselves cannot file a claim against the establishment where they were drinking.

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