Minnesota Dog Bite Prevention

dog-bite-9 Minnesota Dog Bite PreventionA dog is a predatory animal. If the dog is not properly socialized or trained — or trained mainly by negative reinforcement — the dog may develop aggressive behavior. In the United States alone more than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. Twenty percent of the dog bites require medical attention.

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Dog Bite Prevention Away From Home

To aid in dog bite prevention, follow these very basic rules when you encounter an unfamiliar dog and teach your children these rules for dog bite prevention:

  • Don't run away from the dog — that can trigger the predatory instinct.
  • Don't scream.
  • Don't take your eyes off the dog, but don't look directly into the dog's eyes (look at the ground with the dog in your periphery vision).
  • Don't turn your back to a dog.
  • If the dog starts coming at you, give the dog a command like “NO” or “SIT” — many dogs will obey.
  • If a command does not work, remain motionless (like a tree).
  • If knocked over, curl up in a ball to protect your face.
  • Don't approach a stray, chained, or fenced-in dog.
  • Don't disturb a sleeping or eating dog.
  • Don't disturb a mother dog with her puppies.
  • Don't pet a dog you do not know.

Dog Bite Prevention In the Home

Before you bring a dog into your home, do some research. Learn about the various breeds of dogs to determine which breed is a good fit for your family. Keep in mind that aggressive dog breeds are not compatible with children. Take your child with you when you go to see the dog. Observe your child's behavior to see if they are fearful in any way. Another thing to remember is that dogs may be nervous or scared coming into a new home; this may be heightened with an infant or toddler in the home.

When you get a new dog:

  • have it spayed or neutered to minimize aggressive tendencies
  • do not leave babies or toddlers alone with the dog (even your own children)
  • do not tease and wrestle with the dog — this can lead to aggressive behavior
  • train and socialize the dog — especially submissive behaviors
  • check with your veterinarian immediately if the dog starts to display aggressive behavior

Minnesota Dog Bite Lawyer

With a dog bite there is the possibility of infection, tetanus, and rabies. Additionally, treatment can run the gamut from removal of injured tissue and wound closure to reconstructive surgery. Because of the ragged tearing of the skin, there may be extensive scarring and disfigurement. The emotional, physical, and financial losses can be staggering.

Compared to other states, the Minnesota dog bite statute is one of the most liberal and most favorable to dog bite victims. Our Minnesota Dog Bite Prevention Lawyers have years of experience and will fight for justice and fair compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any disfigurement. Call 612-TSR-TIME or submit our free consultation form.

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