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dog-bite-9 Minnesota Dog Bite LawyerHow to Handle Aggressive Dogs

While dogs are generally thought of as “man’s best friend”, dependable and loyal, it is important to remember that they are animals that live by instinct.

Many dogs have aggressive tendencies that can be a threat to both their owners and other dogs. However, by understanding the causes and signs of aggression in dogs, you can hopefully learn how to control your pet and keep yourself and your family free from attack or injury.

Dominance Aggression

As with many animals, dogs have a natural instinct to be assertive and to dominant. So, that makes it very important to put your dog through obedience training early on (ideally, while it is still a puppy) to reinforce to your dog that you are the dominant creature in that relationship.

Fear Aggression

Many dogs respond aggressively when they feel threatened or afraid. A barking, growling dog may actually be displaying fear aggression.

Territorial Aggression

Dogs instinctively protect what they think is “theirs,” which can include their territory, puppies, or food.

So, don’t get between a dog and something it considers to be its property or territory. If you must, be sure to do so with caution and to do so slowly in order to prevent injury.

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