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child-safety-seat-1 Minnesota Design Defect LawyersProduct designers have a responsibility to the public to design products that are safe for normal and reasonable use. When consumers purchase a product, they do so under the assumption that the product was designed, produced, and certified safe for public distribution and consumption.

Too often, poorly designed or manufactured products enter the market, putting consumers at risk. If you have been injured by a poorly designed product, we care and want to help. Contact our Minnesota Design Defect Lawyers at 612-TSR-TIME to speak with a legal professional or submit our consultation form.

Defective Pacemakers

Design Defect Lawsuits

The process of winning a design defect lawsuit can be very difficult and complicated. However, with the assistance of an experienced legal professional, it is absolutely possible to win this type of case.

When bringing a design defect lawsuit, it is important to note that this type of suit does not cover defects specific to one individual item, but a defect that is common to all products of a particular make. For example, a power tool designed without a safety guard could be considered to have a design defect if the lack of safety guard leads an individual to cut his / her finger.

Also, manufacturers and sellers can be found “guilty without fault” if they produce and sell a product that is unreasonably dangerous or is sold in a defective condition. Guilt is assigned strictly on the basis of creating and distributing an unreasonably dangerous product.

The Minnesota Design Defect Attorneys of TSR Injury Law are here to help you fight against the individuals and companies that endanger the public by creating and distributing dangerous products.

Minnesota Design Defect Attorney

If you have been injured by a poorly designed product, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, medical bills, and lost wages. Contact the Minnesota design defect lawyers of TSR Injury Law today by calling 612-TSR-TIME. If you prefer, you may submit our free case review.

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