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The heartbreak, anger, and guilt that a parent has when their child is injured is overwhelming. If the injury was due to negligence by the daycare facility, it is almost unbearable because you trusted them with your child.

When daycare facilities fail to ensure safety, they must be held responsible. Call TSR Injury Law today, at 612-TSR-TIME, to bring reckless and negligent daycare facilities and workers to justice or submit our free consultation form. We care and want to help in your fight for justice.

Examples of Daycare Injuries

Daycares not only have a responsibility to ensure that their actual facilities are safe from any potential hazards, but they must also make sure that their staff are fully trained, qualified, and attentive individuals who will devote themselves to the care and protection of the children with which they are entrusted.

The Minnesota Daycare Injury Attorneys of TSR Injury Law are here to represent you if your child has suffered from any of the following day care injuries:

  • Caretaker negligence
  • Daycare center negligence
  • Child abuse
  • Shaken baby syndrome
  • Failure to supervise
  • Sexual assault
  • Safety code violations

Contact a Minnesota Daycare Injury Lawyer

If your child has been the victim of daycare injuries or neglect, contact a legal professional as quickly as possible to bring the individuals responsible for your child’s injuries to justice. This will also serve to protect other children from suffering the same abuses.

Contact a Minnesota Daycare Injury Lawyer of TSR Injury Law today at 612-TSR-TIME to schedule a consultation or submit our contact form.

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