Minnesota Broken Elbow Lawyer

broken-elbow-1 Minnesota Broken Elbow LawyerThe attorneys at TSR Injury Law have a stellar reputation for being able to establish fault and obtain excellent compensation in difficult medical cases, including a recent broken arm settlement in excess of $215,000. Contact a Minnesota Broken Elbow Lawyer at 612-TSR-TIME. We care about your injury and want to fight for justice in your case.

Broken Elbow Injury

Elbow injuries are common in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and bicycle accidents. A broken elbow is a serious fracture. It can lead to complications and disability.

The elbow is a complex joint formed by three bones:

  • The humerus is the only bone that forms the upper arm and extends from the shoulder to the elbow.
  • The radius and ulna are the bones of the forearm, extending from the elbow to the wrist.
  • Ligaments, muscles, and tendons provide stability for the elbow and allow joint movement.

Signs to look for after an arm injury following a traumatic accident:

  • swelling at or near the elbow
  • deformity of the elbow or the areas near the elbow
  • grinding, popping, or clicking when elbow is moved
  • elbow motion becomes limited
  • discoloration of the elbow
  • numbness or tingling of any part of the arm
  • forearm, wrist, or fingers are difficult or impossible to move normally
  • significant pain in the elbow, forearm, wrist, or hand
  • change in color or temperature of forearm, wrist, or hand

A broken elbow can damage the structure of the joint, resulting in potential problems with movement, blood vessel function, and nerve function. If the broken elbow does not heal well, it can result in chronic pain and permanent disability.

A broken elbow can interfere with these motions:

  • Flexion (bending)
  • Extension (straightening)
  • Rotation (turning palm up / down)

Minnesota Broken Elbow Lawyer

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