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A broken ankle can be a very debilitating injury. If you have suffered a broken ankle in a car crash or other accident, due to the negligence of someone else; an attorney can build a strong case and maximize your compensation. Contact a Minnesota Broken Ankle Attorney at 612-TSR-TIME.

Broken Ankle Injury

A broken ankle can occur in a car crash, truck crash, motorcycle crash, or slip and fall accident. In most crashes, reflexes take over and the driver and passenger brace for impact; frequently resulting in a broken ankle.

The ankle is a complex joint comprised of three bones. Every broken ankle must be treated individually, meaning the case has to be evaluated for which bone was broken, where the bone was broken, extent of soft tissue injury, and prognosis for recovery.

Ankle injuries require competent and timely care from a specialist. If the ankle heals out of alignment, arthritis will usually develop and be accompanied by chronic pain. That can necessitate an ankle fusion, which can reduce pain but limits mobility. Some types of broken ankles:

Minnesota Broken Ankle Attorney

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