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Bodily injury insurance is meant to cover any damage inflicted on another person through the policy holder's error while driving. The attorneys of TSR Injury Law are familiar with a variety of bodily injury claims, including but not limited to:

Reasonable Care

Minnesota law states that all drivers owe other drivers a duty of reasonable care. In order to file a bodily injury claim, it must be proven that the defendant failed to meet that duty. The exact definition of reasonable care is determined when a judge or jury is asked “What would a reasonable person do in these circumstances?”

The Tort Threshold on Bodily Injury

After it has been determined that the defendant failed to live up to the duty of reasonable care, the plaintiff's Minnesota car accident attorney must demonstrate that the plaintiff's injuries meet or surpass the tort threshold. If the plaintiff's injuries do not reach a certain level of severity, there are no grounds for a claim.

A plaintiff has grounds for a bodily injury claim if one of the following thresholds is met:

  • There was a fatality
  • Led to disfiguring injuries
  • Led to permanent disability
  • Caused him or her to miss over sixty days of work
  • Led to medical expenses in excess of $4,000

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