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Minnesota Back Injury

The spine is made up of a column of 33 vertebrae, and tissue extending from the skull to the pelvis. These vertebrae enclose and protect a cylinder of nerve tissues known as the spinal cord. Between each of the vertebra is an intervertebral disc that serves as a shock absorber between the vertebrae. The discs make up 25 percent of the length of the spinal column. The types of vertebrae are:

  • cervical vertebrae: the upper most seven vertebrae of the neck
  • thoracic vertebrae: the 12 bones between the neck and the lower back
  • lumbar vertebrae: the 5 largest and strongest vertebrae in the lower back
  • The other nine vertebrae are in the sacrum and coccyx, and located at the base of the spine. The sacrum is a section of 5 fused vertebrae, while the coccyx (tailbone) is four vertebrae fused together.

Most of the back injuries occur in either the cervical or lumbar regions. A back injury may be sustained in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or slip and fall accident. There are many types of back injuries, including:

A back injury can be life-altering, leading to chronic or acute pain, as well as muscle weakness, lack of muscle coordination, numbness and/or tingling in the extremities.

(Chronic pain is defined as deep, aching, dull, burning pain that lasts a long time and is not relieved by standard types of medical management. Acute pain is a very sharp pain or a dull ache that can be intermittent, but is usually constant, and ranging in severity.)

Minnesota Back Injury Lawyer

TSR Injury Law has obtained another large recovery in a back injury case. Steve Terry represented a driver of a commercial vehicle who was side swiped, causing his vehicle to hit a concrete median. The client required both neck and lower back surgery.

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