Minnesota Automobile Defects Lawyer

Minnesota Automobile Defects LawyerEvery day in the United States, individuals are injured because of defective parts within cars, trucks, and SUVs. Tires, airbags, electrical systems, seatbelts, and so many other components can be defective and cause accidents. These accidents can ultimately lead to the severe injury or death of the driver and/or passengers within the vehicle.

Types of Automobile Defects

There are many types of defects that can occur within an automobile. While the majority of vehicles work perfectly fine for many years, there are those that are built with one or more defective parts. We have dealt with cases involving:

  • seatbelt defects;
  • rollover crashes;
  • seat defects;
  • airbag defects;
  • structural defects;
  • no side airbags;
  • tire defects;
  • electronic stability control (ESC) defects;
  • defective or lack of rear back-up cameras;
  • child car seat defects; and/or
  • brake malfunctions.

These are cases that can be complex and require an experienced Minneapolis automobile defects lawyer who understands the engineering and science of automobile manufacturing, as well as the medicine involved in the treatment of the injuries that can result from these defects. Attorney Nate Bjerke worked in the automobile industry as a defense attorney for a number of years. This experience has led to a thorough understanding of how auto companies defend themselves in automobile defect cases.

Minnesota’s Lemon Law

The Minnesota lemon law applies to new vehicles that are purchased or leased within the state. The defect must be reported within the warranty period or two years within the time the auto was delivered, whichever occurs first. If the problem is a persistent one, then the claim can extend into the end of the third year.

The manufacturer has a duty to repair a defect in accordance with the warranty terms. The repair may take place after warranty expiration if it is an issue that would normally be covered by the warranty and if the problem was first reported during the warranty period or within two years after the vehicle was delivered. An individual may have to go through the manufacturer’s arbitration program or even go to court in order to acquire a full refund if four or more attempts have been made to repair the defect to no avail, the car has been out of service for warranty repairs for 30 or more business days, or if one unsuccessful attempt led to complete failure of the braking or steering system. In the case of total failure, severe injury or death could result, leading to your Minnesota automobile defects lawyer seeking compensation for those injuries or the resulting damages from a wrongful death.

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