Key Steps After a Dog Bite Injury

dog-bite-6 Key Steps After a Dog Bite InjuryAre you angry and scared after being bitten by a dog? Have you had to change your lifestyle because you do not want to chance meeting a dog? Call TSR Injury Law. We care and we can help.

Following a dog bite injury, you need the expertise of a Minnesota Dog Bite Injury Attorney to protect your rights and maximize your compensation. By filing a claim, steps will be taken to hold the owner accountable for the dog bite injury and it may prevent that dog from injuring another person.

TSR Injury Law is a Minnesota Personal Injury Law Firm with extensive experience handling dog bite injury lawsuits. Steve Terry, Chuck Slane, Rich Ruohonen, and Nate Bjerke are skilled, aggressive attorneys, well-known for their ability to litigate difficult personal injury cases. Call 612-TSR-TIME or submit our free consultation form.

Steps to Follow After a Minnesota Dog Bite:

  • You need to positively identify the dog that bit you. Get the dog license number, the breed, and the name and address of the owner. A cell phone picture of the dog would be great, too.
  • Take pictures of the wound, bruises, and the bloodied, damaged clothing. (Do not wash the clothes. )
  • Get names and addresses of witnesses to the dog bite.
  • Go to the emergency room immediately. If the dog bite was on the face, insist on bringing in a plastic surgeon to suture the wound.
  • Follow all of the doctor’s orders. The orders may include many measures to help reduce scarring, including staying out of the sun and/or using a strong sunblock, massaging scars, using scar-reduction cream regularly, and making sure to have the stitches taken out on schedule. If you do not follow every aspect of the doctor’s orders, it may be used against you in the area of compensation for disfigurement and scarring.
  • Contact a Minnesota Dog Bite Injury Attorney before you talk to anyone. It is vital to collect evidence right away and to interview witnesses before they forget the details. The facts of your claim and the extent of your injuries must be proven. A Minnesota Dog Bite Attorney will get the necessary evidence and monitor your medical treatment. This will ensure that the insurance company will deal with you fairly and give you adequate compensation.

Information to Collect from the Dog Owner or Insurance Company

  • Name of insurance company
  • Insurance company address
  • Telephone number
  • Claim number
  • Exact name of person insured
  • Insurance policy coverage for medical expenses

Do NOT Do the Following After a Dog Bite Injury

When you talk to the owners or insurance company, make sure that you:

  • Do not allow your conversation to be recorded.
  • Do not discuss your case with them — how it happened, who was responsible, the extent of injury, or the amount of settlement you desire.
  • Do not accept money or payment of any type.
  • Do not meet with the owner or the insurance company.
  • Do not correspond with the insurance company.
  • Do not allow the bite to be photographed for the insurance company.
  • Do not sign anything from the insurance company, the owner of the dog, the landlord, or the property owner where the attack took place.

If you feel pressured in any way by the dog owner or insurance company, refer them to your attorney. Also, let your attorney know that you are being pressed for information or cooperation.

Minnesota Dog Bite Injury Compensation

If you have suffered a Minnesota Dog Bite Injury, you may be able to obtain compensation for:

  • ALL dog bite-related medical bills (ambulance, emergency room, hospitalization, medication, ER doctor)
  • Lost wages
  • Cosmetic surgery or scar reduction treatment, if necessary
  • Therapy to overcome the emotional trauma, if necessary
  • Torn clothing
  • Broken glasses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Compensation for any disability or disfigurement

Minnesota Dog Bite Injury Attorney & Lawyer

If someone in your family has suffered a dog bite injury, you need an experienced dog bite attorney. Our Minnesota Dog Bite Injury Attorneys will start investigating the incident immediately, handle all of the paperwork, negotiate with the insurance company, and file your claim. Call 612-TSR-TIME or submit our contact form.

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