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Aspects of Wrongful Death Case

Three criteria has to be met to establish a wrongful death. They are:

  • a human death occurred
  • that death was caused by the wrongful act, negligence, omission of a person or corporation
  • financial or emotional loss was suffered by the beneficiaries due to the Minnesota wrongful death

In order to prove fault in a wrongful death case, witness supported evidence is necessary. The evidence presented by the plaintiff must be sufficient and compelling to convince the judge or jury to rule favorably. Witnesses must be willing to testify. Then they need to relate exactly what they saw or heard pertaining to the death. Physical evidence will be gathered, including:

  • medical reports
  • corroborative witness testimonies
  • police reports

Expert witness evidence can be invaluable to further explain issues that may not be obvious or discernible to the judge or jury. Expert witnesses are often used in product liability, vehicle safety, and workplace safety cases.

Potential damages evidence has to be presented to prove to the judge or jury that a recovery is just and fitting. Some documentation that is beneficial:

  • bank records
  • business sales journals
  • business profit and loss reports
  • employer records

Minnesota Wrongful Death Attorney

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