Chronic Pain Syndrome Lawyer

Dealing with chronic pain can negatively impact your life in several ways. At TSR Injury Law, we understand how hard it can be to live with chronic pain syndrome and how this disease state can negatively impact the quality of your life. If you experience chronic pain or have been diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome after a serious injury, then you may be eligible for financial compensation. If the injury that has caused CPS was due to someone else’s mistake, or disregard for safety or negligence, then we can help you get your life back on track.

We are a leading Minnesota personal injury law firm that has helped countless clients gain financial compensation after suffering from a serious injury leading to chronic pain syndrome. Our assistance can help you with unexpected medical costs, loss of income if the pain makes it hard to work, rehabilitation costs, and emotional and physical suffering you have endured. Contact TSR Injury Law today at 612-TSR-TIME.

Chronic Pain Syndrome Lawsuit

Chronic pain syndrome is defined as any pain that persists for longer than three months. Chronic pain syndrome can strike several different parts of the body and usually occurs after a serious accident such as a workplace related fall, a car or truck accident, or a serious head injury.

You may experience chronic pain syndrome in the following areas:

  • Lower back pain such as myofascial pain, lumbar radiculopathy, and spinal stenosis
  • Neck and shoulder pain such as constant whiplash and fibromyalgia
  • Head pain such as cluster headaches, constant migraines, or tension headaches
  • Musculoskeletal pain including pain from a soft tissue injury, myofascial pain syndrome, and arthritis
  • Neuropathic pain such as phantom limb pain and chronic regional pain syndrome

Chronic pain syndrome has been reported to impact over 50 percent of people at one stage in their life. If you are living with constant pain, it is hard to concentrate on your regular life. Even small things like watching television, putting your clothes on in the morning, and enjoying a family dinner can be painful and frustrating. Don’t let chronic pain syndrome destroy your life and your financial future.

Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyers

At TSR Injury Law firm, we can meet with you to discuss your injury and what caused it. Whether the injury occurred at work, at home, on the street, or on the road, you may be looking at a lawsuit against the person, persons, or company responsible for the accident.

We will work hard on your behalf to get you the financial compensation to continue on with your life. We will ensure that you have the money to pay for medication for relief, and that your family is taken care of if you are unable to work or need some time to recover. Although we cannot make the pain from chronic pain syndrome go away, we can relieve the financial burden that comes with living with this disease.

For further inquiries about filing a personal injury lawsuit feel free to call TSR Injury Law at 612-TSR-TIME or send an email by clicking on this link: contact us.


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