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What is product liability?

Product liability holds the manufacturer, distributor, or merchant of a product legally liable for injuries or damages resulting from the use of that product. This liability mainly involves defective products that have caused personal injury. Retailers and... read more

Can I change attorneys during a case?

If you would like to change attorneys, first you will need to notify your current attorney that you no longer wish to use his or her services. Once you have notified him or her, you are free to speak to other lawyers about securing their legal counsel. For more... read more

What does negligence mean?

Negligence is a term that is used to describe instances where someone behaves irresponsibly or recklessly in a certain situation. When a person fails to act in a situation where action is necessary, or when someone acts carelessly at their job, that person may be... read more

Can I afford a Minnesota personal injury attorney?

At TSR Injury Law, we understand that money can be tight in the wake of a serious injury. That is why we charge our clients a flat percentage fee based on the compensation they win. If you lose your case, you will not pay us anything — no fee, no charge for our... read more

Will I have to go to court?

Most cases do not actually go to court — at least not for a lengthy trial. The vast majority of cases are settled outside of court before a lawsuit is even filed. Even if a trial is imminent, many lawyers will force mediation or arbitration before a jury is ever... read more

How long do personal injury lawsuits last?

The duration of a personal injury lawsuit depends on many factors, including: The complexity of the case. The availability of evidence. The number of witnesses called to testify. Whether the decision is appealed. For more information call 612-TSR-TIME or submit our... read more

What is premises liability?

Premises liability refers to a tort liability of land owners or building owners to people who suffer injuries on the premises that they own. In other words, premises liability holds the owner or manager of the property responsible for your injuries sustained on their... read more

How do I choose the right attorney?

When choosing an attorney, you want to make sure that the person you choose has the qualifications and experience necessary to provide you with quality representation in the area of law that your case deals with. An attorney who has never dealt in the legal area... read more

Can I collect punitive damages for my accident?

Collecting punitive damages can be very difficult and does not often take place. However, the law does allow accident victims to collect punitive damages in cases where the guilty party acted in a manner that showed a blatant disregard for the lives and safety of... read more
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