Truck Car Accident: Protect Your Rights


TSR Injury Law has recovered millions in compensation for victims of semi truck accidents.

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Truck Car Accident: Insurance Issues

Truck Car Accident Lawyer: Protect Your Rights
Is is vital to be proactive in protecting you and your family following a truck car accident. The insurance companies will be calling immediately to obtain information. They may even ask you to sign an accident form or agree to a payment value.

Before you talk to anyone about your semi truck – car accident, contact a Minnesota Truck Accident Attorney at TSR Injury Law. Anything you say can be used against you and anything you sign is binding. We will guide you through the legal process and fight for your rights against the insurance companies.

Semi trucks are covered by many types of insurance coverage and they are required to carry a higher level of coverage. It requires the expertise of an experienced truck accident attorney to determine which policies to pursue.

Truck Car Accident: Investigation and Evidence

Timing is everything. Federal laws govern the trucking industry — the types of records to keep and how long to preserve them. A Minnesota truck car accident attorney will obtain a court order immediately in order to preserve the data to build your case.

Truck Car Accident Lawyer & Attorney

It can take a long time to resolve a truck car accident case. Our Minnesota Truck Accident Lawyers will negotiate with the insurance companies, trucking companies, and any other entities involved to protect your interests and maximize your compensation. Call us today at 612-TSR-TIME or submit our free consultation form.

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