Playground Injuries


Playgrounds are fun and exciting areas for children to play, interact with other kids, and exercise their imaginations. However, unsafe playground equipment or facilities can turn a fun afternoon at the park into a dangerous injury very quickly.

As such, it is critical that you carefully examine your neighborhood playground to make sure that it is a safe place for your children and their friends. There are a number of elements you will want to consider when determining the safety of a local playground.

What material serves as the “floor” of the playground?

  • Children should never play on a playground that is paved with cement, as this increases the likelihood of broken bones and head injuries should a fall occur. You will want to make sure that there is some sort of “cushioning” material provided, like shredded rubber or sand, that will give your child a safe landing place should they happen to fall from the playground structures.

How far apart are the various playground elements?

  • You will not want to let your children play on a playground where the various pieces of equipment are located too closely to one another. The reasoning for this is that if a child should happen to fall or be thrown from one of the pieces of equipment, they will not injure or endanger any other children accidentally if they are located a safe distance away from the other kids.

Are there any dangers present on the structures themselves?

  • To help prevent cuts, you will want to carefully monitor and inspect the playground equipment for any unsafe elements, such as:
    • exposed nails / screws
    • sharp edges
    • splinters

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