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While dogs are usually considered to be man’s best friend, it is important to remember that they are animals with animal instincts that can be difficult to understand. Dog attacks and dog bites can be extremely dangerous and damaging.

It is important to act safely around dogs, especially dogs that you do not know, in order to avoid attacks and injuries. By adhering to the following pieces of advice, you can hopefully protect yourself and your family from injuries:

Never approach a dog that you do not know. If an unknown dog approaches you, stand still and extend your hand for the dog to smell so that it can familiarize itself with you.

  • Avoid making quick and sudden movements around dogs, as they may mistake it as a sign of aggression.
  • Never disrupt a dog when it is eating or sleeping. Dogs interrupted in these activities are likely to become defensive and act aggressively.
  • Do not attempt to separate a puppy from its mother.
  • Do not play too aggressively with dogs, as this will only encourage overly active and aggressive behavior.
  • If you are walking with a dog, stay a safe distance away from other dogs. When dogs fight one another, their owners or handlers can often suffer injuries when they attempt to separate the fighting animals.

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