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Have you been injured and it wasn’t your fault?

TSR Injury Law is a Minnesota personal injury law firm who are here to help you. We are passionate about obtaining justice for our clients following an accident that wasn’t their fault. It’s our goal to make sure you receive any compensation that is owed to you and our legal team are ready and waiting to hear from you today.

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How we can help

From the first consultation to the day you receive your compensation, our personal injury lawyers will be there to answer your questions. We know you are facing a difficult time in your life; that’s why we are committed to good legal advice in plain English. When you contact our Minnesota personal injury law firm, we will carefully investigate the details of your case, inform you of your legal options and help you determine which approach is best for you. Whether your case goes to trial or can be settled out of court – we will strive for the best outcome possible.

Our experience matters

At TSR Injury Law, our partners, Steve Terry, Chuck Slane, Rich Ruohonen & Nate Bjerke have been named Super Lawyers by Minnesota Law & Politics on many occasions. We have successfully resolved countless personal injury cases, often obtaining judgments several times greater than the initial amount offered by insurance companies.

We believe effective legal representation is built on more than just litigation and our personal injury lawyers believe in building solid relationships with clients, acting with compassion for their suffering and helping them achieve the goals that they want.

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Accidents can result in physical pain, medical bills and lost wages, not to mention mental scars and emotional turmoil. TSR Injury Law can assist you if you’ve been hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault and help you claim the compensation that you deserve. We guarantee we’ll treat you with the respect, sensitivity, and professionalism that you’d expect from an established law firm.

If you or your loved ones have suffered a personal injury, it’s TSR Time! (612) TSR-TIME for a free initial consultation or submit our free consultation form and we’ll get straight back to you – contact us today!

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